2016 Tournament Schedule and Results

2016 Tournament Schedule and Results


There are three ways to qualify to fish in the 2016 TSCC at Lake Lewisville

1. Fish (and check in at the weigh-in after the tournament) in TWO or more CAT Qualifiers

2. Finish in the TOP 5 in any CAT Qualifier

3. Catch and weigh-in one of the biggest 10 crappie at the 2016 CAT Crappiefest

The Race for Angler of the Year

In 2016, anglers competing for the “CAT Angler of the Year” will accrue points for each qualifier tournament fished just like in years past. In 2016, we have SEVEN¬†qualifier tournaments, so each angler/team will be able to “drop” a tournament. This means that if you miss one of the 2016 CAT Qualifiers, you are not out of the race for CAT Angler of the Year. The total points for the Division 1 team or Division 2 angler from their best SIX¬†CAT Qualifiers will be totaled to determine the CAT Angler of the Year.

A $10.00 Late Fee will be charged for all Tournament Registrations made “IN PERSON” the day before the tournament.


DATE Lake Start End In Line By Location Type Notes Results
1/16 Lake O’ Pines 7:00 A 2:30 P 3:00 P Johnson Creek CAT Qualifier Results
2/20 Lavon  7:00 A  2:30 P  3:00 P  Collin Park Marina CAT Qualifier RESULTS
3/19 Palestine  7:00 A  2:30 P  3:00 P  Lake Palestine Resort CAT Qualifier RESULTS
4/2 Fork  7:00 A  1:00 P  2:00 P  Minnow Bucket 3rd Annual CAT Crappiefest RESULTS
4/9 Fork  7:00 A  3:30 P  4:30 P  Minnow Bucket CrappieMasters National Qlfyr  RESULTS
5/21 Ray Roberts  7:00 A  2:30 P  3:00 P  Jordan Park CAT Qualifier RESULTS
6/4 Cedar Creek  8 A  noon  12:30 P  Tom Finley Park Junior Angler Tournament  7a to 8a registration RESULTS
6/18 Cooper ¬†6:30 A ¬†2:00 P ¬†2:30 P ¬†Cooper State Park –

South Sulpher

7/16 Texoma  6:30 A  2:00 P  2:30 P  Mill Creek Resort CAT Qualifier RESULTS
8/20 Tawakoni  6:30 A  2:00 P  2:30 P  Holiday Marina CAT Qualifier RESULTS
9/17 Grapevine OTW РOn The Water Seminar  Cancelled
10/14-15 Lewisville  7A  2:30 P  3 P  Little Elm Park 9th Annual TSCC  RESULTS
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