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We attempt to schedule the club meetings on a Tuesday night prior to most tournaments.  Some of the topics that will be covered at upcoming meetings include: Bridge fishing, Basic jig fishing, Trolling, Brush pile/condo building and fishing, dock shooting, Marina slip baiting and fishing, timber fishing, jig tying, electronics & GPS use, bank fishing, creek fishing, jig & bobber fishing and much more.

Most of our meetings will be held at the public library at 4220 N Josey and Hebron Pky in Carrollton.  We will have one meeting a month with the exception of December.  All meetings held at the library will start at 7:00 PM, although the room is reserved from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM to allow for set up and clean up.   Please see details for any meeting not listed held at the library.

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2018 CAT Meetings 

Date Location Seminar Speaker
1/9/2018  Carrollton Library
2/11/2018 Texas Motorcars Extravaganza  Wally Marshall, Mr. Crappie
3/6/2018 Carrollton Library
4/5/2018 Emory Community
735 N. Texas Street in Emory


 Dan Dannenmueller, Charles Bunting and Billy Don Surface
5/8/2018 Carrollton Library Lake Lavon Fishing Conditions  Jerry Hancock
6/5/2018 Bass Pro Shops, Garland “How To” from jig tying to dock shooting  Round Table
7/10/2018 Carrollton Library
8/7/2018 Carrollton Library
9/11/2018 Carrollton Library
10/2/2018 Carrollton Library
11/13/2018 Bass Pro Shop, Garland
Dec, 2016 No Meeting

2017 CAT Meetings 

Date Location Seminar Speaker
1/10/2017 Cabelas Allen Open Q&A
2/12/2017 Texas Motorcars Extravaganza Guide Panel
3/7/2017 Carrollton Library Spawning Fishing Jerry Hancock
3/28/2017 Carrollton Library Springtime Trolling Jay Reeve
5/9/2017 Carrollton Library Current Conditions Lane Palmer
6/06/2017 Carrollton Library Abundant small fish Lane, Guy, Ernest, Gary
7/11/2017 Bass Pro, Garland Electronics Slade Dougharty
8/08/2017 Carrollton Library Seminar Speaker
Monday 9/11/2017 Carrollton Library Seminar Speaker
10/17/2017 Carrollton Library Seminar Speaker
11/21/2017  Carrollton Library Seminar Speaker
Dec, 2017 No Meeting

The Board of Directors attempt to meet monthly.  If a member would like for the Board to consider adding items to the meeting agenda, a form is available here on the CAT website (click here) for you to fill out and submit to the Board.  All members are encouraged to discuss CAT issues with any Board member at any time, but in order to have something considered formally by the Board, you must fill out and submit the form on the CAT website.BOARD MEETINGS

CAT Video Archive (Members Only) Click here to view