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2018 CAT Scholarship Program Application

2018 CAT Scholarship Program


Total Scholarships Monies Awarded $14,500.00


C.A.T. awarded a total of $2,500 in scholarship funding to four recipients in 2017.

Congratulation to our $1,000 recipient, Sarah Reicherts and our $500 recipients Lauren Dukes, Alexis Russell and Pake Bradshaw

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C.A.T. awarded a total of $2,000 in scholarship funding to two recipients in 2016.

Congratulation to our two $1,000 recipients, Cody May and Madison Waters

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C.A.T. awarded a total of $3,500 in scholarship funding to six recipients in 2015.

Congratulation to our $1,000 recipient, Cody May; and our five $500 recipients, Katelyn Bailey, Shannon Reicherts, Martin Verges, Madison Waters and Lyric Wyan


C.A.T. awarded a total of $3,000 in scholarship funding to five recipients in 2014.

Congratulations to our $1,000 recipient, Phoebe Ellis; and our four $500 recipients, Ashley Guntle, Eric Dukes, Allison Massey and Madison Waters.


C.A.T. awarded a total of $3,500 in scholarship funding to six recipients in 2013.

Congratulations to our $1,000 recipient, Eric Dukes; and our five, $500 recipients, Poppi Davis, Garrett Dupree, Allison Massey, Alexander Schwieterman and Jakob Wolf.  For information about our 2013 recipients, click the link below.

Thanks to all of our CAT members, as $5.00 of your membership fee goes towards our Scholarship Fund.

C.A.T. recognizes our past year’s contributors!!

Year Platinum Gold Silver Contributor
2017  Shut up and Fish
2016  Shut up and Fish
2015 TPWD
2014 Fin & Bones Taxidermy Ron Conaster
2013 Crazy Angler Tackle Wes Belcher
2012 Humminbird Crazy Angler Tackle Paul Hicks Jimmy Leonard
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