NameWeightRank or AwardPayout
David Hurley3.071$5000
Mackey Whyte2.582$2000
Ben Moore2.553$1500
Daniel Barrick2.544$1000
Johnny Merriman2.465$750
Cory Carter2.446$700
Bruce Biddy2.427$600
Charles Bunting2.418$500
Darrel Standridge2.329$400
Charles McHughes2.310$250
Cody Jenkins2.310$250
Doug Broadway2.2812$200
Keith Moore2.2613$200
Raul Sandoval2.2214$200
Dillon Stocking2.1915$200
Carl Ellis2.1816$100
Paul O'Bier2.1816$100
Billy Don Surface2.1518$100
Rex Ross2.1518$100
James Hill2.1220$100
David Hurley3.07Monster Crappie Bonus $7500
Mackey Whyte2.58Highest CAT Member$1000
Sherri Jones1.99Closest To Award$500
Mike Williams1.75Closest To Award$500
John Hernandez1.75Closest To Award$200
Tony Burnworth1.75Closest To Award$200
Lane Palmer1.5Closest To Award$500
Scott Bradshaw1.5Closest To Award$200
Russell Gates1.25Closest To Award$500
Chris Milligan1.25Closest To Award$200
Katherine Martin1Closest To Award$500
Marvin Maghan2.07Mystery Weight$250
Bob McAffrey1.48Mystery Weight$125
Larry Junell1.48Mystery Weight$125
Cody Standerfer1.4Mystery Weight$125
Jerry Hancock1.4Mystery Weight$125
Joby Bradshaw1.19Mystery Weight$125
Johnny Fuentes1.19Mystery Weight$125

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