2016 Crappiefest Lake Fork Results

NamePlace or AwardWeight$$ Winnings Paid
Phillip Law13.20$5000
Donny Holder22.97$2000
Doug Broadway32.84$1500
Paul O'bier42.8$1000
Carl Ellis52.68$750
Ron (Kasey) Copeland62.61$600
Craig Carpenter72.57$400
Donna Miller82.56$275
Chris Waters82.56$275
Richard James102.48$200
Phillip LawMonster Crappie Bonus3.2$4000
Donny HolderTop Finishing Cat Member2.97$1000
Blake ClarkClosest to 1.00 pounds0.98$250
Not PaidExact 1.00 pounds bonus$250
Charles FroebeClosest to 1.25 pounds1.2$250
Not PaidExact 1.25 pounds bonus$250
Jack LintonClosest to 1.50 pounds1.49$250
Not PaidExact 1.50 pounds bonus$250
Johnny FuentesClosest to 1.75 pounds1.71$250
Not PaidExact 1.75 pounds bonus$250

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